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Product Liability and Defective Product law:

Whether you buy something from a online retailer, midsize market, outlet store, mall, or small grocer, you expect the product to be safe. However, sometimes you may buy a product that injures you, and product liability and defective product law dictates who is responsible for this breach of the implied warranty of fitness for the product’s intended uses. The place from where you purchased the product, the company that made the product, or even the company that advertised the product may be legally held responsible for your injury. These companies may be legally liable even if the product was loaned to you or given as a gift.

Millions of people are injured every year as a result of defective products, and thousands more are killed. A curling iron, water heater, pharmaceutical drug, baby stroller, safety seat, breast implant, an artificial replacement hip, or many other products can qualify as a defective product if they are found to be unreasonably dangerous. Products liability law is complex and confusing. The product liability attorneys at our law firm have extensive experience in product liability and defective product law will help you understand what legal rights you may have.

What can we help you recover?

The law provides the following elements of damages to be recovered in a product liability action in Texas:

  • Medical bills
  • rehabilitation
  • lost income
  • other lost earnings
  • pain and suffering
  • punitive damages

Our firm and associates have obtained over 35 Million dollars in settlements for our clients.

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If you are injured or ill from any sort of accident, work related injury, or negligence, you will have enough to deal with – let us worry about your compensation.

We may be able to help you get your medical bills paid!

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IMPORTANT! You may have the right to be reimbursed for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, permanent injury, mental anguish, loss of life’s pleasures and for your pain and suffering.

ALSO IMPORTANT! It is very important to see a doctor right away after any accident. Don’t dismiss your injuries as minor. Get to a doctor as soon as possible and be guided by their advice.

CALL US IMMEDIATELY – we can help you understand what your rights are. You can not expect to get a fair settlement for your injuries and/or damages unless you know what you’re entitled to?

WARNING! The following are critical guidelines after you are injured or made ill:

  • Don’t sign any forms that are blank
  • Don’t discuss your case with anybody except your attorney, your doctor or your own personal insurance agent
  • Don’t ever talk to the other person’s insurance company without your attorney
  • Don’t talk to anybody who solicits you over the phone about your accident or illness
  • Don’t ever sign any release from liability unless your lawyer approves it
  • Don’t sign or cash any checks that may be sent to you by the insurance company with out reviewing them with an attorney – often times by signing the first check you are agreeing that the claim is settled!


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