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Can You Go to Court in a Personal Injury Case?

Bucks County’s Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm Navigating the aftermath of a personal injury can be a complex and daunting process. At Applebaum & Associates, we understand the many

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What Happens If You Get a DUI in PA

We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on what happens if you get a DUI in Pennsylvania and how our legal firm can help you navigate the process.

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How is Child Custody Determined in PA?

When it comes to child custody determination, the welfare of the child is paramount, and several factors are considered to ensure the child’s best interests are upheld.

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The Difference Between Embezzlement and Fraud

In the world of criminal law, terms like embezzlement and fraud are often mentioned. While both involve deceptive practices for personal gain, they are distinct crimes with different elements and legal consequences.

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How Car & Truck Accidents Differ in Personal Injury Law

Injured in a car or truck accident? Our car accident attorney explains how the type of vehicle can affect your case.

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Demystifying the Settlement Process in Personal Injury Cases

Our personal injury attorney in Philadelphia explains how a settlement process works during a personal injury case.

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