What is the Pennsylvania DUI Two-Hour Rule?

The Pennsylvania DUI rule is a rule that applies to police investigations of drunk driving offenses. Even though drunk driving offenses occur every day in the State of Pennsylvania, there are still quite detailed rules that apply to how the … Read More

What is a Bond Revocation?

Bond revocation is something that can happen before a criminal trial. When a person is charged with a crime, they’re typically granted bond. Usually, the bond comes with certain conditions that the person has to comply with in order to … Read More

Can a Victim Drop Charges in Pennsylvania?

Many types of crimes have victims. Whether the charge is larceny, assault and battery or domestic violence, many crimes have individual victims. The victim is a critical and central part of any criminal charge in Pennsylvania. They’re often the key … Read More

Do You Go To Jail for DUI in PA?

When you’re facing a drunk driving charge, jail time is one of the first things on your mind. While jail is a possibility in a drunk driving case, there are a lot of different factors that play into whether you … Read More

Are Plea Deals Negotiable?

When you face a criminal charge, you have the tough choice of whether or not to take your case to trial. One of the reasons that you might not take your case to trial is because you take a plea … Read More

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