What Are The Crimes Against A Person

Pennsylvania law categorizes crimes into several different categories. These categories are important to understand the elements involved in the crime and how the courts view them. Our criminal defense attorney team explains crimes against a person.

What is an example

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Crime Victim Rights in Bucks County

Whether you’re a victim of a crime or you’re charged with a crime, it’s important to understand crime victim rights. Pennsylvania law affords people who may be the victims of crime certain rights. They have the right to access certain … Read More

Choosing a Jury for DUI

Jury selection for DUI is the process of selecting jurors to hear the case. Selecting a jury is very important for any defendant. Getting a fair trial depends on it. Our experienced criminal defense attorney team explains what you need … Read More

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What amount of theft is a felony in PA?

Some theft charges in Pennsylvania are felony offenses. Others are misdemeanor charges. All theft charges can have serious consequences. An offender may face jail time, fines, and a criminal record that can impact their ability to get a job and … Read More

What is the Pennsylvania DUI Two-Hour Rule?

The Pennsylvania DUI rule is a rule that applies to police investigations of drunk driving offenses. Even though drunk driving offenses occur every day in the State of Pennsylvania, there are still quite detailed rules that apply to how the … Read More

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