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injury attorney Bucks CountyBack and neck injuries
are often due to auto accidents, falls, or sports injuries. If you have suffered a back and neck injury, contact us to find out if you may have a back and neck injuries case.

If you have a back or neck injury, it is a important to receive a complete medical evaluation. Even seemingly minor back or neck injuries can later progress to more serious conditions if left untreated, so it is wise to treat all back and neck injuries as serious.

When spinal cord back and neck injuries occur the result is always painful, often disabling, and sometimes truly terrible. Some people end up paralyzed and lose their mobility and careers. We are familiar with the problems faced by people who have suffered a serious neck or back injury. We understand the pain, the loss of work, to support a family, to live normally. We know about all the doctor’s bills, the loss of jobs, the emotional strain on families.

Back injury cases are serious cases. You and your family need a serious lawyer with the experience and skill to get results. We have handled dozens of cases involving back and neck injuries, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our firm and associates have obtained over 35 Million dollars in settlements for our clients.

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