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If you are convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania, you face the prospect of the loss of your driver’s license, a fine, skyrocketing insurance rates, and in some cases, jail time. The stakes are too high for you not to obtain representation from an experienced defense lawyer.

At Applebaum & Associates in Bensalem, we take an aggressive, comprehensive approach to drunk driving defense. Our lawyers understand the many legal and technical aspects of DUI defense, and we always seek the best possible outcome for every client. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

DUI Lawyer Bensalem, Defending Drunk Driving Allegations

When you choose us to defend you, we will thoroughly review the factual and legal issues in your case, looking for a way to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a non alcohol driving violation.

Some of the issues that could produce a positive outcome for you include the following:

  • The police had no valid reason to stop you.
  • The officer did not have probable cause to believe that you had been drinking or to arrest you.
  • The field sobriety tests were not conducted properly.
  • The breath testing machine was not in proper working order.
  • The officer conducting the breath test made procedural errors that render the breath test results inadmissible in court.
  • Your constitutional rights were violated.

Our law firm will work diligently to obtain the best possible result for you.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges

Your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for 12 months unless you request a statutory appeals hearing before the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within 30 days of your arrest. Our law firm can file this request on your behalf and represent you in this hearing, seeking to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license or and obtain an occupational limited license that allows you to drive for certain purposes.

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