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Located on Bristol Pike right off of I-95, we have a Bensalem, Pennsylvania, law office conveniently located for residents in this area. From child custody disputes and a serious auto accident case to facing severe criminal penalties, our seasoned lawyers are here to help you resolve your legal issues.

Call 215-245-8222 and schedule your free initial consultation. Our compassionate attorney can go over your legal options with you. Don’t seek a law firm with an office location that causes inconvenience for you right out of the gate. Talk to us directly in Bensalem.

Bucks County Family and Personal Injury Law Firm

Jurisdiction is a key factor in many family law cases. Where you choose to file can make a huge impact on the outcome of your case. So it is vital that your attorney is familiar with the local court system and judges. With a law office in Bensalem, our attorney is very familiar with your area and this can be an advantage to your family law case.

In addition to family law, we also represent clients in accident and injury cases. We will seek maximum compensation on your behalf. Damages can include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses both past and present and emotional damages.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Bensalem

When freedom is at stake, it makes sense to obtain defense counsel from a law firm with not just a decade but more than four decades of experience. Talk to our experienced criminal lawyer in Bensalem immediately and tell us about your charges.

Crime Statistics in Bensalem:

You may be surprised to learn that the crime rate in Bensalem is actually higher than the average crime rate for the entire state of Pennsylvania. Just to give you an idea, here are some crime statistics from 2012 (crime rate per 100,000):

  • Vehicle thefts: 146.7
  • Thefts: 2934.1
  • Burglaries: 553.9
  • Assaults: 54.4
  • Robberies: 64.3
  • Rapes: 11.5
  • Murders: 1.6

The murder rate in Bensalem has gone up, as there has not been a murder charge since 2009. Burglaries and assaults are also on the rise since 2011.

Live in Bensalem? We Have a Law Office Near You.

Do not wait to get legal help. Time is hardly ever on your side when it comes to the law so act quickly. Call 215-245-8222 or contact us online.

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