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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Injury While Shopping

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Injury While Shopping Bensalem

A slip and fall incident can turn anyone’s life upside down, particularly if it’s serious in nature. Aside from the expected costs of medical treatment, major injuries can impact your ability to work and to make a living. If you’ve been hurt while shopping and you believe it was the result of negligence at the retail establishment, it’s advisable to consult a knowledgeable family lawyer in Bensalem and learn what you can do.


What Is Considered Negligent?

To pursue compensation for injuries suffered in a retail setting, you must establish that store ownership was negligent in at least one clear regard. This generally requires that one or more of the following facts can be proven:

  • A store or property owner did not properly inspect and/or maintain the grounds, resulting in unsafe conditions.
  • An owner failed to remedy a condition known to pose potential danger to shoppers under normal circumstances.
  • A direct relationship exists between the hazard in question and the injury suffered.
  • You wouldn’t have been harmed if such hazardous conditions did not exist on the store property.


What About Outdoor Dangers?

Retail properties usually extend beyond a building’s front doors, often including areas such as customer parking lots. It’s an unfortunate reality that many injuries occur before an individual has even set foot within the store itself; this can be the result of poorly maintained asphalt, insufficient outdoor lighting or even slippery conditions that arise from improper winter ice and snow removal.

Even minor slip and fall injuries can develop into more serious situations in the future, so act in a timely fashion when incidents occur. Don’t make the mistake of suffering in silence. If you feel that you’ve sustained an injury as a result of specific negligence at a retail store, speak to a family lawyer in Bensalem and find out how best to protect yourself and your family

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Injury While Shopping

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