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How Past Drug Use Can Become a Current Possession Charge

How Past Drug Use Can Become a Current Possession Charge Bensalem

You may not realize this, but drug use in the past, either by you or by another, can turn into a drug possession charge in the present. By law, we charge individuals not with using drugs but with possession. If you face drug possession other similar charges, call a criminal lawyer in Bensalem.


If you have used illegal drugs, whether “hard” or marijuana, and possess drug paraphernalia that contains residue from these drugs, you can be charged with possession. This is true even if your drug use was long in the past. This is also true if you never used drugs but another individual without your knowledge left drug paraphernalia in your home or your car and this paraphernalia contains drug residue. Even then, you may be charged with drug possession because the residue, considered possession under the law, was found to be in your possession. In this case a criminal lawyer in Bensalem can assist you.


For example, imagine that you used drugs in the past and forgot that you had drug paraphernalia, maybe a glass pipe, in your car and you are pulled over for a traffic violation. If the law enforcement official were to search your car and find the pipe, he or should could opt to send it to the lab for testing. If marijuana residue is found on the pipe, you could be charged with possession of drugs. This is true even if you forgot the pipe was in your possession or did not know it was present because someone else left it behind. If this were to happen with a small amount of marijuana residue, you should seek legal representation. However, imagine the consequences if rather than marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or some other hard drug were found to be in your possession.


Drug possession is a serious charge. Should you be charged, seek representation from a criminal lawyer in Bensalem. You can, in fact, be charged with possession even if your drug use occurred sometime in the past, if you are found with drug residue to be in your possession.

How Past Drug Use Can Become a Current Possession Charge Bensalem

Even if you are arrested and charged, there is still hope. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania, like Michael Applebaum, can help you aggressively combat charges, and many will provide a free initial consultation. Investing in your own legal representation may help you avoid thousands of dollars in fines, as well as possible felony convictions and state prison time, depending on the severity of the charge.

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