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Why You Should Consult a Divorce Attorney as Soon as You Separate

Why You Should Consult a Divorce Attorney as Soon as You Separate in Philadelphia

When two people get married, the last thing they expect is to one day file for divorce, but this reality has a tendency to occur regardless. As a matter of fact, it has been stated that a little less than half of all marriages result in divorce — a portion of which can be settled amicably. There are some divorces, however, that quickly take a turn for the worst, resulting in those involved having no choice but to hire a divorce attorney as quickly as possible. Since the average American has no idea what to do during the first stages of a divorce, having the proper information provided to them is key.

In a perfect world, divorces would seldom occur, and seeking legal action against a spouse would be a rarity. Regardless, these are things that occur on a daily basis. In order to have the best chance possible of keeping one’s prized possessions, hiring adequate council can be necessary. The most common reasons behind a messy divorce are the following:

  • Adultery
  • Mid-Life Crisis
  • Bankruptcy
  • Verbal and Physical Abuse
  • Addictions

Individuals who have recently been the product of one of the above options can benefit from consulting a divorce attorney in Philadelphia, PA, as quickly as possible. This is due to them needing to know their rights during such trying times. Below are the top reasons why consulting the legal system during a divorce can be a time-sensitive issue.

  • To refrain from overpaying alimony
  • To refrain from being taken advantage of an ex-spouse
  • To get all of one’s facts in order
  • To get information about child custody
  • To find out about the rules of divorcing abroad
  • To start putting paperwork in order

There are many legal offices that offer free case evaluations in Philadelphia, PA, which may be helpful for individuals trying to get a grasp on the divorce process. Finding out what your rights are can prevent you from making mistakes in the long run, which is why locating a reliable law office is a time-sensitive matter.

Why You Should Consult a Divorce Attorney as Soon as You Separate in Philadelphia

Even if you are arrested and charged, there is still hope. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania, like Michael Applebaum, can help you aggressively combat charges, and many will provide a free initial consultation. Investing in your own legal representation may help you avoid thousands of dollars in fines, as well as possible felony convictions and state prison time, depending on the severity of the charge.

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