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What to Know About the Ignition Interlock Program in PA

What to Know About the Ignition Interlock Program in PA


The Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Program is an act that requires ignition interlocks for individuals who are first time DUI offenders that have a blood alcohol content reading of .10% or higher. The interlock device must be installed on the primary vehicle that the individual drives. A DUI attorney in Allentown may be able to aid in navigating the process of a DUI case.

The ignition interlock system is installed within the motor vehicle in order to keep an individual who is under the influence from driving the vehicle. Prior to starting the vehicle, the individual must blow into the ignition interlock device. If the ignition interlock device detects alcohol, the vehicle will not start. If the individual is able to start the vehicle, they will continue to have to blow into the ignition interlock device periodically during their drive. This ensures that the driver does not consume alcohol after starting the vehicle. The cost of ignition interlock systems vary depending on where the system is leased. Ignition interlock systems are typically leased from a vendor. On average, an ignition interlock system costs between $900 up to $1,300 annually. The driver that is required to have the ignition interlock system is responsible for all costs that are related to the device. Approved ignition interlock devices are found through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

If an individual is unable to afford the costs of leasing and installing an approved ignition interlock system, they may have to have their driving privileges suspended for an extra year. This extra year of suspension would take the place of driving with an ignition interlock system. If an individual does not own a vehicle, they may apply to be approved by a vendor stating that they own no vehicles. Individuals are required to maintain an ignition interlock device for approximately one year after the date that they have their driving privileges reinstated. If the individual is found to tamper with the ignition interlock system, the period of time they are required to drive with the device will be lengthened for up to a year. If this occurs, a DUI attorney in Allentown may help negotiate the time period that is required to drive with an ignition interlock system.

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