Expert Witnesses in a Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Case

Having the right expert witness can make all the difference in your Pennsylvania drunk driving case. You don’t have to simply accept that what the state says about your case is true. Even though drunk driving charges are somewhat common, they are also inherently complex. A DUI conviction typically depends on scientific evidence like a breathalyzer test or a blood test. Our criminal defense attorney team explains how an expert witness may help you in your drunk driving case.

Expert Witnesses in a Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Case

An expert witness in a Pennsylvania drunk driving case is a person with specialized knowledge who can testify to the scientific aspects relating to the case. They have training in things like how the breathalyzer works, how the police should give a blood test and what happens in the body in the period of time between when the person drives the vehicle and when they take the chemical test.

The state attorney might want the jury to believe that a DUI investigation can never go wrong. They might ask the jury to accept what the police say as fact. However, the police are not trained as scientists. Even with the best of intentions, the police can make mistakes in their investigation. With the breath testing instruments and blood testing, errors can occur. However, you may need an expert witness in order to explain these mistakes to the jury.

Expert witness testimony for a DUI

Expert witness testimony for a DUI can help the jury understand scientific and technical information. The witness can point out to the jury where the police made mistakes. They can explain why the mistakes call the results of the investigation into question.

For example, the police need to wait a period of time before administering a breathalyzer test. They have to observe the person taking the test to make sure that they do not place anything in their mouth. If the person puts something in their mouth or regurgitates in the period of time before the test, the results may be skewed. The observation time should be at least 15 minutes.

That is just one error that may result in an invalid DUI breathalyzer test. Calibration tests, verification tests and other errors can be problematic. Blood tests have their own set of protocols that can impact the validity of a test. With the help of an expert witness, you can show the jury what is wrong with the police investigation.

How a criminal defense attorney helps you with a DUI expert witness

A criminal defense attorney can help you use a DUI expert witness to your advantage. They can examine the police report and the tests in detail. With their training, they can spot the issues that may be present. Then, they can connect you with the right expert witness to testify on your behalf. Ultimately, your criminal defense attorney can examine the case and determine all of the ways to help you present the best defense possible to the charges against you.

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