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What is a Bond Revocation?

Bond revocation is something that can happen before a criminal trial. When a person is charged with a crime, they’re typically granted bond. Usually, the bond comes with certain conditions that the person has to comply with in order to stay free until the trial date arrives. If they don’t follow the bond conditions, bond revocation may be the result. When you’re placed on bond, it’s important to understand the terms of the bond as well as what to do if you face a revocation hearing. Our criminal defense attorney team at Applebaum & Associates explains your rights.

What is a bond revocation?

A bond revocation is a legal proceeding that occurs when a person charged with a crime goes to jail after having been released on bond. While a person awaits trial in a criminal proceeding, they might have court orders to comply with during the interim before trial. These terms are imposed by the court. If the person violates the terms of their bond, a bond revocation is a change in the court order that confines them to jail until their trial date.

What happens at a bond revocation hearing?

What happens at a bond revocation hearing is that the state attorney presents evidence about how you allegedly violated the terms of your bond. They must show what bond conditions apply to you and what you did that violated a condition. Then, you have the opportunity to show that you did not violate the conditions of the court order. At a bond revocation hearing, the court may revoke bond, change the terms of your bond or continue your bond.

Protecting your legal rights

Remaining free from jail as you await your trial date is very important. Even with an attorney, it’s easier to prepare for trial if you’re free to go about your business. In addition, you need to be released from custody in order to work and take care of your family. In nearly all cases, you have the right to some kind of pre-trial release even if you have to post an amount of funds with the court in order to assure your appearance at trial.

While the court has the authority to impose conditions of release before trial, you have the right to a hearing regarding the revocation of bond. There are several ways that you can defend against an allegation of a violation. You can directly deny that you violated any terms or conditions. In that case, you make the argument that the state attorney is simply mistaken or that the order was not clear. You might also say that you had a good reason for violating the bond. Another defense is that it’s proper to continue pre-trial release even if a violation may have occurred.

Pennsylvania Criminal defense attorney for bond revocation

A criminal defense attorney can represent you if you’re facing a bond revocation. We can fight for your rights during a bond revocation proceeding and throughout your case. Call the Applebaum & Associates team today for an immediate consultation about your case.

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