What happens when you face marijuana drug charges?

In a time when some states have either legalized marijuana, or are considering doing so, Pennsylvania law enforcement officials seem to be stepping up their efforts to locate and charge people for crimes involving marijuana. If you are facing marijuana-related drug charges, a conviction could result in jail time, fines and/or probation. The consequences of a conviction can affect every aspect of your life.

Therefore, seeking the advice and assistance of an attorney is critical. Regardless of what type of charges you are facing, our criminal justice system affords you the right to be presumed innocent until and unless you are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Further, you are entitled to a defense and to protect your rights.

Pennsylvania law enforcement officials are human beings, and as such, they make mistakes. A review of your case could reveal an error that could mean that any evidence against you will not be admissible in court. For instance, if the court finds that your civil rights were violated in some way — such as an illegal search and seizure — prosecutors are not allowed to admit any evidence gathered from that search.

Even if officials did not violate your civil rights, that does not necessarily mean prosecutors will be able to secure a conviction on the drug charges. If prosecutors fail to meet the stringent burden of proof required in criminal cases, you may receive an acquittal. The sooner you enlist the services of an attorney, the better your chances are that every avenue toward an outcome that is in your best interest will be explored.

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