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What Happens If You Get a DUI with a CDL?
What Happens If You Get a DUI with a CDL?

According to Business Insider, 375,000 people hold a CDL license in Pennsylvania. For CDL drivers, keeping their license valid is extremely important. What happens if you get a DUI as a CDL holder? Our criminal defense attorney team explains.

Do I lose my CDL for a DUI in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you lose your CDL for a DUI in Pennsylvania for a period of one year. There may be an additional license suspension that applies to your driving privileges in general. In addition, a CDL holder who receives a DUI conviction may receive up to six months in jail for a first offense.

Pennsylvania law allows for additional penalties for repeat offenders and for drivers with a high BAC at the time of the offense. If you receive a second DUI conviction, your CDL qualification may be suspended for life. You have the right to the assistance of a criminal defense attorney to challenge the DUI and your suspension.

Drunk driving laws for CDL holders in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, standard drunk driving laws apply to CDL holders. Even a bodily alcohol content of .02% along with impairment can result in a drunk driving charge. However, for CDL holders, there are additional rules.

For most drivers, the legal limit is a .08% bodily alcohol content. The limit is the threshold where a person is in violation of drunk driving laws even without any evidence that the alcohol influences their ability to drive. For CDL holders, the legal limit is .04%.

Defending a CDL drunk driving charge

If you are a CDL holder and you are facing a drunk driving charge, remember that the penalties apply only if you are ultimately convicted of the offense. If you receive a not guilty verdict, the penalties against you do not apply. There may be several grounds to challenge the allegations against you, including:

  • The chemical testing device was not property calibrated
  • Safeguards for accuracy were not followed during testing
  • You took a preliminary breath test at the scene that shows a different result than the chemical test
  • Constitutional issues invalidate the traffic stop
  • Arresting officers did not follow accurate procedures for field sobriety testing
  • Witness testimony is conflicting for evidence of intoxication

Attorneys for Defending a CDL DUI charge

If you are a CDL holder facing a DUI charge, our criminal defense attorney team doesn’t have to tell you that the charges are serious. We’re here to help you fight back. Let our team of aggressive litigators address the charges and review every defense that may be available to you. When your career and reputation are on the line, our CDL DUI defense lawyers are here to help. Call us today.

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