What Happens If I Plead Not Guilty to a DUI?

When you’re facing a DUI charge, you might wonder what to do at your arraignment. Should you plead guilty right away at your arraignment? What happens if you plead not guilty to drunk driving? It’s always best to plead not guilty and speak to a criminal defense attorney. Here’s what you should know about pleading not guilty to DUI from our Applebaum & Associates criminal defense attorney team:

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What happens if you plead not guilty to a DUI is that your case will move to the next steps in the court process. You will likely have a pretrial conference with the prosecuting attorney in order to talk about plea negotiations. In the meantime, you have time to pursue preliminary motions about evidence and other matters. During the time that you wait for trial, you may conduct discovery and build your case.

Bond for DUI

When you plead not guilty to DUI, the court will offer you a bond. You can pay an amount in order to remain free on bond while you wait for further court proceedings. The court sets an amount that you have to deposit as a promise to show up for future court dates. There are also conditions of bond. The court may order you to avoid drinking alcohol. They may even order you to take tests for alcohol use and avoid restaurants that serve alcohol. Your conditions of bond are set by the judge. They are unique to your case.

Can you change your mind after pleading not guilty?

Yes, you can change your mind after pleading not guilty. When you plead not guilty, you have the chance to negotiate plea offers with the attorney that represents the people. If you reach a resolution, you may plead guilty to a reduced charge. If you don’t reach a resolution, you still have the option to change your plea to guilty at any time before your trial. The court can accept your guilty to plea in the same way that they could have accepted your plea at your arraignment.

Can you plead down a DUI?

Yes, you can plead down a DUI. Many states have lesser alternatives to DUI like impaired driving or even reckless driving. The prosecuting attorney may be eager to offer you a plea just to get a case of their busy docket. A plea offer often comes with reduced maximum penalties and fewer driver’s license penalties than the original charge. It’s up to the state attorney to decide whether to extend a plea offer for your DUI case. If they extend an offer, yes, you can plead down a DUI.

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