Understanding the 3 Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims

If you slip or fall in a certain setting, you might be entitled to financial compensation on the basis that the building owner was negligent, failed to comply with proper building codes, or that another person intentionally tried to do you harm. If you’ve recently suffered an accident or were the victim of an attack, take a minute to review the three types of personal injury claims.




You can sue for financial compensation if the building owner was negligent in terms of responding to certain hazards and following through on their duty to provide a safe environment for pedestrians, residents, or their employees. If you feel that your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you might have a legitimate personal injury claim.


Strict Liability


This legal argument holds the manufacturer, architect, or designer legally responsible for your accident if they created a product or a space that was unsafe. This may not include negligence, but rather you and your lawyer will have to prove in court that the manufacturer made a product or designed a building that led to your injury. For example, maybe you had been walking with a cane and you slip and fall because the product you were using was defective.


Intentional Wrongdoing


This refers to a situation in which another person intentionally hits, trips, or attacks another person. These kinds of personal injury claims tend to be rare. Let’s say your friend trips you as a joke, but you fall and suffer a serious injury as a result and are forced to go on disability and deal with burgeoning medical bills. You would be entitled to a personal injury claim.


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Understanding the 3 Types of Personal Injury Claims

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