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Should You Call the Police, or Should You Call a Lawyer?

Should You Call the Police, or Should You Call a Lawyer?

Crime, unfortunately, happens all the time. We live in a rather chaotic world, and the rule of law is often flouted by many members of our society. As a result, people can be highly litigious. Civil lawsuits can carry on for years after criminal complaints are resolved, and have drastic consequences for everyone involved, in any manner, with any situation involving law enforcement. In the past, most people wouldn’t even hesitate to call the police, and would do so without even thinking about first seeking out a professional lawyer in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Now, in situations where there is urgent risk to human life or property, 911 should obviously be your first call. They can dispatch people who are ready to deal with immediate and emergent situations. Immediate crime, however, is only a small fraction of the criminal activity occurring each day, and the police and other first responders are heavily biased towards dealing with it as their main priority. Other crimes, such as fraud or harassment, undocumented immigration, or tax evasion is of less interest to municipal police, and may be the purvey of one more different state or federal agencies. A regular beat cop or state trooper might not even recognize some of these things as crimes, let alone know who to report them to. Their disinterest could cause any evidence you have to be degraded, or even disregarded entirely.

In situations like this, it makes perfect sense for your first call to be to a Pennsylvania Law Office, or other solicitor, who can interact with the various levels of law enforcement on your behalf, and ensure that your rights are protected while making the information you have available to those who can act on it with due effect.

Should You Call the Police, or Should You Call a Lawyer?

Even if you are arrested and charged, there is still hope. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania, like Michael Applebaum, can help you aggressively combat charges, and many will provide a free initial consultation. Investing in your own legal representation may help you avoid thousands of dollars in fines, as well as possible felony convictions and state prison time, depending on the severity of the charge.

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