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Residency Requirement for Divorce in Pennsylvania

Residency Requirement for Divorce in Pennsylvania



If you are living in Pennsylvania and want to file for divorce, you have to meet certain residency requirements. In addition, where you file is also based upon residency. It is important that you understand these requirements because it will affect your ability to file and be granted a dissolution of your marriage. If you do not meet requirements it could delay or prevent the proceedings from occurring.


Basic State Residency

Most states have specific laws governing how long a person must live within the state before they can file for a legal dissolution of marriage. In Pennsylvania, to file, you must have lived in the state for a minimum of six months. This requirement applies to either you or your spouse.

County Requirements

In addition to the basic residency requirement for living within the state, you also have to make sure you meet the county requirement for filing. You need to file in the county in which your spouse lives. If you do not live in the same county, this is important to note. However, there are alternative options. If you live in different counties, you can file in the country where you live if you lived there when you were married and have lived there since you got married. You can also file in your county if your spouse okays it. Finally, you can file in the county you live in if neither of you live in the county where you were married.

If your spouse moved out of Pennsylvania, you can also file for divorce where you live. There are also additional filing options that come into play to help minimize traveling expenses and issues if this is the case.

Making sure that you file for your divorce in the proper place is essential to keeping the process move along. It is a fairly easy requirement to meet. You just have to make sure you are aware of the laws when filing.

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