Prosecutors must turn over evidence to criminal defense team

In order for a Pennsylvania resident to be convicted of a crime, prosecutors are required to establish that person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Prior to presenting any evidence to the court that officials believe establishes a person’s guilt, prosecutors must allow the accused individual’s criminal defense team complete access to it. This includes all of the materials gathered during the investigation, how the evidence was gathered, handled and/or tested and all information regarding any interviews conducted with potential witnesses.

The alleged evidence against one Pennsylvania man will most likely reveal why police and prosecutors believe that he was involved in an insurance scam in which his brother died. According to reports, the man hired his own brother to burn down his home so he could collect nearly $500,000 in insurance money. Supposedly, the evidence indicates that the northeastern Pennsylvania man’s brother did set fire to his home using gasoline.

Unfortunately, his brother was severely burned in the fire, which occurred on a Saturday. When police arrived at an apartment complex where the brother was staying, they found he had died — supposedly as a result of burn injuries. When police confronted the man regarding their theory and placed him under arrest, he experienced chest pains and required medical attention.

He is facing charges of arson and second-degree murder, among others. His criminal defense team will undoubtedly be interested in examining the evidence that allegedly points to this man’s guilt, along with any statements from potential witnesses. If this case goes to trial, the accused man will have the opportunity to refute the evidence and confront any witnesses implicating him in this tragedy.

Source: post-gazette.com, “Scranton man charged with murder, arson“, July 24, 2015

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