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Police officers are entitled to a criminal defense too

These days, news articles in Pennsylvania and around the nation seem to be filled with stories about law enforcement officers who are abusing their authority and breaking the law in violation of their duties. The media is quick to condemn these officers in spite of the fact that they, too, are entitled to be presumed innocent. It is also their right to present a criminal defense against any charges that may be filed as a result of allegations of wrongdoing.

For example, in Feb. 2014, a woman contacted her local police department alleging that her daughter was involved in an inappropriate relationship with one of the department’s officers. An investigation was begun, and, as a result, the department terminated the officer even though he had not yet been convicted of any crime. In fact, prosecutors only recently filed charges against him.

The juvenile accused the then-police officer of soliciting sexual favors from her in exchange for him not filing drug charges against her. She claims she and the officer had sex about half a dozen times. At the time this contact supposedly occurred, the girl was 15 years old.

The seven charges filed against the Pennsylvania man come with severe penalties, including incarceration, which poses a greater than normal risk, as he is a former police officer. Before any penalties can be imposed, however, Pennsylvania prosecutors will be required to convince the court beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of the crimes of which he is accused. His criminal defense team will undoubtedly be working diligently to protect his rights.

Source: pennlive.com, “Pa. cop allegedly dropped drug charges in return for sex with girl, 15“, John Luciew, April 23, 2015

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