Not every first-time DUI charge remains on a driver’s record

One undeniable fact about being human is that everyone makes mistakes. Fortunately, when it comes to a DUI charge, Pennsylvania law agrees. Some first-time offenders may be eligible to take part in a special probation program, which, if completed successfully, could result in that person’s arrest record being expunged.

A school superintendent from the southwestern part of Pennsylvania is reportedly hoping for this result as she deals with her charge for driving under the influence. On Dec. 22, 2014, the woman was involved in an auto accident at around 6:30 p.m. As the investigation at the scene progressed, police suspected that she might be intoxicated.

Officers believed she was chewing gum in order to mask the smell of alcohol on her breath. A toxicology test indicated that her blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit here in Pennsylvania. At her recent arraignment, she made a request to the judge to be part of the special probation program. Reports indicate that she will find out whether she can enter the program at a hearing that is currently scheduled for May 15.

If an individual is facing a DUI charge, the ramifications could go well beyond jail time or fines. A person’s work and family lives could also be adversely affected. First-time offenders are often the victims of poor choices and unfortunate circumstances. Given another chance, one would not likely repeat the same offense, which is why state law allows judges to use their discretion to provide an individual with the opportunity at a clean slate.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Pennsylvania Superintendent Faces Probation After DUI Charge“, March 30, 2015

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