Even traffic violations can adversely affect your future

Seeing a police car driven by a Pennsylvania law enforcement officer behind you with its lights and sirens activated can be intimidating. Once pulled over, you may find yourself either receiving a citation or being charged with a misdemeanor. Even these seemingly minor traffic violations can have an adverse effect.

In some cases, your driver’s license may be suspended, which could affect your ability to work and otherwise live your life. Some offenses even include the potential for jail time and fines. Moreover, the loss of points on your driver’s license often means a rise in your vehicle insurance premiums.

You are entitled to your day in court. Offenses such as speeding, school zone offenses or other infractions may be dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense, which can either reduce or eliminate the penalties. The process is very similar to the procedure followed in cases involving more serious offenses, such as street racing, DUI or being presumed at-fault in a traffic accident in which someone is injured or killed.

Therefore, being represented by counsel could be invaluable. Without in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system, and your legal rights and responsibilities, you may not know how to approach your defense. An attorney will review your case, the circumstances under which you were pulled over and ensure that your rights are protected.

Traffic violations are generally viewed as criminal proceedings. Therefore, you are presumed innocent until, and unless, proved guilty in a court of law. If Pennsylvania prosecutors are unable to prove their case, the charges against you may be dismissed.

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