DUI Law in Pennsylvania

DUI Law in Pennsylvania

The law regarding DUI in Pennsylvania can be a tough one to understand for most people when they enter the offices of our DUI attorney in Quakertown. The issues surrounding DUI cases are changed depending upon how the court views the severity of the case being brought. We believe our clients should be given the best defense available and subsequently, the lowest sentence possible when they are fighting to avoid severe penalties for a DUI case.

Changes to the law

The experience of Applebaum & Associates means we understand how the DUI law in Pennsylvania changed in 2004 under the directive of the Federal Government. In 2004, the Federal Government required all states wishing to receive funding for highways to change their laws regarding DUI to a lower blood alcohol content level of just .08. Pennsylvania was one of the first to change its laws and made it easier for us to argue for lower sentences when our clients arrive in court.

Sentencing issues

To combat the problem of the lower BAC level used to constitute a DUI offense was offset by a three-level scale of offenses which we can use to fight on behalf of our clients. Our DUI attorney in Quakertown has been working to limit the problems for our clients by arguing for the lowest possible level of punishment for those involved in a DUI case.


The three levels of charges are general impairment, high rate, and highest rate. The general impairment charge is given to those who record a blood alcohol level of between .08 and .10. This charge is one our legal experts can argue over and for those who are found guilty carries a minimum penalty which can include probation of up to six months, a $300 fine, and DUI classes. The scale for charges is higher depending on the BAC levels of our client which include high rate charges for those with a BAC of .11 to a recorded rate of .159. Any blood alcohol content level above .160 is classed as the highest rate and can include jail time, a fine of over $5,000, and a one-year suspension of the driver’s license.

Further offenses

The sliding scale of offenses under the Driving Under the Influence laws in Pennsylvania are understood by our DUI attorney in Quakertown. Each further offense sees higher penalties for those found guilty which our experts can explain and assist with.

When you find yourself charged with driving under the influence you should look to Applebaum & Associates DUI attorney in Quakertown to work on your behalf. Our legal experts are available to discuss your case and offer advice and representation when you head to court.

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