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Drunk driving suspected in accident that kills family’s horse

Just because a driver consumes an alcoholic beverage before getting behind the wheel of car does not necessarily mean that he or she was legally intoxicated. If a driver happens to be involved in a car accident, law enforcement officials may suspect drunk driving simply because they smell alcohol on a person’s breath. Sometimes, charges may not be a consideration until toxicology results  purport to document a blood alcohol level over the legal limit here in Pennsylvania.

For example, a 56-year-old man somehow lost control of his vehicle in western Pennsylvania. His vehicle crashed into a utility pole, went through a fence and hit a horse. Sadly, the horse suffered substantial injuries and died.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, the driver was found to have suffered minor injuries for which he was taken to an area hospital. Local police report that charges have not yet been filed against the man since the results of his toxicology tests are pending. Even though he currently does not face charges in connection with this accident, it may be beneficial for him to engage an attorney to protect his rights and monitor testing procedures as the investigation against him progresses.

Law enforcement officials are not infallible, and when they make mistakes, people’s lives can be altered. If policies and procedures are not followed, test results such as those obtained in a drunk driving case can be skewed. Improper handling of blood samples, inadequately calibrated equipment and faulty testing procedures can each lead to an inaccurate result. If it is discovered that an error was made at some point throughout the testing process, the results may not be admissible in court, which could lead to a reduction — or dismissal — of the charges.

Source: pennlive.com, “Pa. man suspected in bizarre DUI that kills beloved horse“, John Luciew, March 19, 2015

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