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Drug charges filed against Pennsylvania dad

Until a child is old enough to know better, nearly all parents fear that their children will eat, drink or swallow something that will be harmful. Despite their best efforts to keep dangerous products away from their children, however, accidents still happen. For one Pennsylvania father, a pill left within his daughter’s reach almost cost her life and led to child endangerment and drug charges for him.

On June 14, his 13-month-old daughter was taking a bath. Both he and the girl’s mother noticed that she seemed groggy and tired. Later that night, the girl became even sicker and was also having trouble breathing. Her parents called 911.

Medical personnel contacted the police when it was discovered that opiates were in the toddler’s blood. Reportedly, a morphine pill was left on a desk in the family’s home. It is suspected that the curious toddler found the pill and swallowed it, which is why opiates were found in her bloodstream. Supposedly, her 29-year-old father wondered if she had taken the pill but, in the chaos at the hospital, failed to mention it to doctors until later.

He was recently arraigned on the child endangerment and drug charges that were filed against him. It should be noted that just because charges were filed against the toddler’s father does not mean that he is guilty of them. Pennsylvania prosecutors will have to prove to the court beyond a reasonable doubt that this father is guilty of the crimes filed against him before any conviction can be secured.

Source: pennlive.com, “Pa. dad charged after 13-month-old swallows morphine pill, nearly dies“, John Luciew, July 9, 2015

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