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Changing Circumstances Allow for Child Support Modifications in Pennsylvania

Changing Circumstances Allow for Child Support Modifications in Pennsylvania

While there isn’t a set equation that equals up to the amount of support that will be awarded, there are many factors that were taken into account when your initial child support order was set, such as the income of both parents, the amount of time the child spent with each party, assets held on each side, the age of the child and any special financial needs. If circumstances have changed, then the support order shouldn’t remain stagnant. Hiring a family lawyer in Bensalem to assist with requesting a modification can provide relief on either side.


The Hows and Whys of Child Support Modification Requests


Pennsylvania has a process for requesting modifications to child support orders. First off, you must be able to demonstrate proof that a qualifying circumstance exists. Then a Petition for Modification must be filed with the court where the original order was filed, or if transferred to another county, with that county’s court. A family lawyer in Bensalem will be familiar with this overwhelming process, and is essential to properly filing your request.


There are several reasons why you may want to file for a support order modification:


  • One party has gained additional income, income sources or assets
  • There has been a change in healthcare coverage or child care expenses
  • The custody situation of the child has changed
  • The child has been emancipated
  • The party receiving the initial support has died


The Case Against Traversing the System Alone


Filing for child support modifications is nerve-wracking, even if all parties are on good terms. How to know what documents are needed? Where should they be filed? What happens next? A family lawyer in Bensalem is your advocate while navigating the sometimes choppy waters of the system, ensuring you acquire the legal arguments and supporting documents needed to sway the court’s decision regarding your modification request in your favor.


When life changes occur, there’s no need to struggle with the terms of a child support order. Hire a family lawyer in Bensalem as your go-to resource in filing a successful modification request in Pennsylvania.

Changing Circumstances Allow for Child Support Modifications in Pennsylvania

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