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Attorney General Kane likely focused on her criminal defense

A Pennsylvania district attorney’s office sent investigators to the offices of the state’s Attorney General. It is believed they were there regarding an allegation against Attorney General Kathleen Kane that she revealed information from a 2009 grand jury to a local news agency. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, Kane is surely focusing on her criminal defense.

Last year, secret information from the grand jury was leaked to the news agency. For a reason not yet revealed, the district attorney’s office believes the information came from Kane. In fact, a grand jury convened in Dec. 2014 recommended that she be charged with lying about her role in the incident and then covering it up.

So far, no charges have been filed, and Kane insists that she was not party to breaking any laws. In order for the Montgomery County prosecutor to substantiate filing charges against Kane, it will need to first gather enough evidence to convince the court that she was involved. This could be the source of the investigators visit to her offices. Fortunately, regardless of her position, she is entitled to the same rights as anyone else who may be under investigation for a crime.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General may already have engaged criminal defense counsel to ensure that her rights are protected during the investigation. If for some reason charges are filed against her, she will have the right to review the evidence prosecutors intend to present to the court. Further, she will also be afforded the opportunity to confront the witnesses against her in court. As would be the case with anyone facing charges, if the prosecutors are unable to convince the court beyond a reasonable doubt of her guilt, the charges cannot stand.

Source: wtae.com, “Investigators in leak case show up at Kane’s headquarters“, June 18, 2015

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