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3 men face drug charges after incident at daycare center

Being addicted to drugs can make people do things that they would never do otherwise. A Pennsylvania woman who owns a day care center has a son who she claims has a drug problem. Now, she says she will press charges against him and two of his associates in addition to any drug charges they may face.

On a recent Saturday, police were called to the day care center. Upon arrival, it was discovered that one of the three men who was at the facility appeared to have overdosed on heroin. That man survived the ordeal and remained hospitalized at last report.

The incident led to an investigation, and police say they uncovered drug use and dealing at the woman’s business. Allegedly, police found drug residue and paraphernalia at the scene. The residue was supposedly covering tables and chairs where the children ordinarily sit.

The Pennsylvania woman’s son was taken into custody, but the third man who was also allegedly at the scene has yet to be found. She reportedly did not give her son permission to be in the day care over the weekend, even though her son reportedly told police that he stays there regularly on nights and weekends. Police claim that he admitted to dealing drugs out of the facility when he is there.

As he faces drug charges, along with any other charges filed because of his mother’s assertions, obtaining the advice and assistance of a criminal defense team may be advisable. It is important to ensure that his rights were protected and to determine whether the statements he allegedly made to police were given voluntarily. Regardless of any admissions he may have made to police, he is still entitled to be presumed innocent and to due process of law.

Source: fox43.com, “Drug bust at PA day care center“, March 31, 2015

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