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Charge: Rape

Verdict: “I was accused of date rape and attorney Applbeuam was able to show these allegations were completely false and convinced the district attorney to withdraw the charges.”

Charge: Assault

Verdict: “I was accused of stabbing a fellow party goer after a fight erupted and attorney Applebaum was able to prove to the jury that it was another party goer that delivered the almost fate wound. I was acquitted and now I am a member of law enforcement.”

Charge: Aggravated Assault

Verdict: “I was charged with aggravated assault and attempted homocide and I took a bench trial in front of a judge and attorney Applebaum argued that one punch should be considered simple assault and after explaining the circumstances regarding his wife cheating. I received a sentencer of 30 days probation.”

Results: Family Law

Verdict: “My husband was concealing $100s of thousands in assets and attorney Applebaum was able to uncover those assets with resulted in a settlement of over $1 million plus alimony.”

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