Philadelphia Law Office

Philadelphia Law Office

Finding an attorney is a difficult and time-consuming decision for many. But it does not have to be for you and your family. What is beneficial about Applebaum & Associates is our strong experience in three major legal areas: criminal, family and personal injury. If you are requiring legal assistance in one or more of those in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area look no further than our law office.

With an office location directly in Philadelphia, we are able to cater to those individuals and families locally. Talk to one of our attorneys today by calling 215-464-4976. You can also reach us by contacting us online. Free initial consultations.

Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney | Philadelphia DUI Attorney

There is much at stake if you have been charged with drunk driving, child pornography, aggravated assault, battery or another serious crime. Penalties can include fines, probation and jail time. There are also residual effects after an arrest, such as a record, difficulty getting a job or even obtaining a loan.

Our experienced DUI lawyers will work hard to mitigate the negative impact of an arrest, charge or conviction. We are straightforward and realistic with our clients and use our more than 40 years of experience to seek a positive result.

Philadelphia Family and Personal Injury Lawyers

We can also help you if you live in the Philadelphia area with a personal injury or family law matter. In family law, we can file for divorce on your behalf, seek alimony, calculate child support and much more.

Personal injury cases can be complicated so it is imperative that your lawyer has the skills and experience to effectively help you resolve such complex issues. Our lead attorney has more than four decades of experience to help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

Facts About Philadelphia: “City of Brotherly Love”

The largest and most populated city in the entire state of Pennsylvania, the capital boasts over 1.5 million people. Almost half of the population in Philadelphia is African-American at 44.3 percent. The next highest is Caucasian (36.6 percent), Hispanic/Latino (13.0 percent) and then Asian (6.8 percent). Yet with a high population comes with it the usual higher crime rates and arrest statistics.

Philadelphia has the top rate statistically for:

  • Fatal collisions
  • Injury collisions
  • Property damage collisions
  • DUI arrests (16,900 in 2009)

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Let Applebaum & Associates, located in Philadelphia, help you today. Call 215-464-4976 to find out how.

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